Job Interview Tips – What shouldn’t I do in a job interview?

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There is a lot to learn in influencing your employers in a job interview and give a good record of yourself but equally, and it is necessary to memorize what you shouldn’t do also. The focus of this article is on job interview tips for what you shouldn’t do during a job interview. You don’t want to give too much away to your interviewers during the job interview, as it is up to them to question you and get the information they need to decide if you can do the job. Whatever you do, don’t offer something up to the interviewers easily that will put across rather than a tick in the box during the job interview. We hope these job interview tips help you avoid some common deadfalls that have embarrassed many a candidate in the past!

Here are a few job interview tips to think about in terms of what you shouldn’t do or say during the job interview for a graduate program or any other job you are going for:

Top Job Interview Tips:

    • Don’t be late for the job interview or seem disorganized
    • Don’t forget to handshake the interviewer at the beginning and end of the interview
    • Don’t say the reason you applied for the job was because of the pay.
    • Don’t lie or misrepresent your CV and your academic or employment history.
    • Don’t be critical of your former employers or colleagues when talking to your interviewers about why you are looking to leave your current employer.
    • Don’t say the reason for leaving your last work because you didn’t get on with your colleagues
    • Don’t leave your mobile phone on.
    • Don’t look at your watch during the job interview.
    • Don’t be underprepared for a typical job interview question.
    • Don’t say that the job you are appealing for is only temporary and you are looking for other opportunities.
    • Don’t go in with a lack of understanding about the company or the role you have applied for
    • Don’t seem disinterested or unenthusiastic, as this will show the employers you are not too bothered about getting the job

Our job interview tips are mainly common sense but spend some time thinking about what you shouldn’t do in an interview but concentrate more time on what you should do in a job interview. Remember you are on display and the employers are trying to find out two things; firstly, why should they hire you and secondly, why shouldn’t they hire you? Don’t raise questions that don’t need to come up at that time as during the full hiring process.