What are some of the fastest-growing job sectors?

What are some of the fastest-growing job sectors

It can be a difficult choice to make when choosing your course at university especially knowing there is such a difficult job market to face after you have graduated. Although there is a bleak outlook in the job market there are still certain areas defying the odds and thriving during the recession. The following five areas are the fastest growing sector in the job market currently and should be considered as a future career path by those looking for future career success.

Computer Software Engineer

For software engineers, there is an expected 44% increase in jobs is projected in the next four years with a median salary starting at $68,000. This industry will continue to expand as long as computer networking continues to grow, and businesses keep trying to be efficient by utilizing new technologies.

These jobs are highly desirable especially to new graduates because they allow a great degree of freedom in when and how you complete your work. Nearly all software engineers hold a bachelor’s degree or higher, while knowledge and experience with computers is a requirement to enter the field.

Network Systems & Data Communications

For the next four years, the projected increase in the number of people working in these job sectors is nearly 55%. This is because businesses continue to implement more technology, which means additional professionals are required to efficiently set up and work on networks. This growth seems as sustainable and unavoidable as the growth of technology itself. 

Personal Care Aides

The four-year projection for this profession predicts a 50% increase in the total number of jobs. This rapid growth is due to the increased number of elderly in the world as the baby-boomer generation approaches retirement. While starting pay begins around $38,000, opportunities to increase that number drastically rise with job experience. Most personal care aides only require on-job training, but having a degree will help increase your starting salary.

Digital Media Marketing and SEO

Those entering Digital Media Marketing will find a projected growth of 30% over the next four years. Workers in this field must earn a bachelor’s degree or higher, and tend to have excellent communication and writing skills. As technology and the internet continue to spread across our society, marketing online is becoming more important for businesses to become or remain successful. As long as the internet remains an integral part of our culture, this field will continue to grow and expand. Digital Media Marketing salaries range widely. Starting salaries can be as high as $70,000 a year, while those with years of experience can make as much as +$100k. Those who specialize in digital media marketing try and give a business a presence on the internet. In this regard, the job is much like the public relations industry, as you try and build relationships with consumers, media, and the government.