20 Job Interview Tips That Will Make Your Life Better

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When you have achieved a job interview, don’t let small mistakes put your new employers off you. At a job interview, almost everything is in your control, and it`s all up to you to convince the interviewer that you have the right skill for the job. I think there are a lot of basics that all interview participants should learn before the interview.

Here is our 20 Job Interview Tips:

1. Do not eat any smelly food before the job interview.

2. Dress well and make sure you know what the dress code is.

3. Make sure you arrive on time for the job interview.

4. Have a good firm handshake and remember to shake hands with men and women at the job interview. Don’t ignore a handshake with a woman if you have a panel interview. Also, remember not to squeeze their hand so firmly that you seem aggressive. Make sure you greet the interviewer and catch their name.

5. Be polite and engage in pleasantries. The interviewer will nearly always ask you a few ice breaker questions about your journey down or the weather of whether you found the office. Remember that they are just being polite and aren’t the slightest bit interested in those answers, so answer then briefly and politely but don’t waffle because you are nervous.

6. Wait until you are allowing a chair to sit down.

7. Make eye contact with the interviewers and don’t look away when they are talking to you.

8. Listen to the questions carefully and understand whether they are asking for ‘yes, or ‘no’ answers or detailed answers.

9. Prepare answers to interview questions you think you might get asked.

10. Take a copy of your CV with you and have a read of resume just before the interview to refresh your memory of what the main topics will be.

Job Interview – Top 20 tips
Job Interview – Top 20 tips

11. Have some questions ready to ask the interviewers when the time is appropriate.

12. Try not to bad mouth your current employers or talk about personal issues. That seems unprofessional.

13. Look alert and interested and don’t yawn or look at your watch.

14. Be enthusiastic about the company, the job, and the prospect of joining them.

15. If something goes wrong, don’t worry too much and try to show a sense of humor, but don’t try to be a funny man and crack jokes.

16. Use positive body language and don’t slouch or lean back in your chair like you are at the beach.

17. Make sure you give the interviewers what they need to know and what your achievements are.

18. Ask for a glass of water as you will be talking a lot and you may need to clear your dry mouth at times

19. Don’t ask about salary during the job interview, but make sure you are prepared for discussions if your interviewers raise the topic.

20. Stay calm throughout the interview! Ask for a moment to think through a question if you don’t know what to say

Message: A job interview is in your control, so don’t let any factors that you can influence be the reason you don’t get the job.