The Untold Tips For Career Fair Success

Tips for Career Fair Success | PrepIntro

The best way to increase your trust and success at Career Fairs! is to be prepared. The Career Fair’s willingness to persuade an employer leaves a lasting impression.While you’re talking to the recruiter, having a time limit on the conversation is crucial.  Keep in mind that other students are waiting to talk with the same recruiter at the Career Fair, so you shouldn’t loiter around only one. Maintaining a conversation at max for 3-5 minutes is a successful thumb rule.

Prepare Your Introduction:

The Career Fair’s engagement of employers makes a positive impression. Practice how to introduce yourself and follow these tips with a firm handshake:

“Hi, my name is ______ and I am certifying from ______”


Recruiters will use your resume at the Career Fair to learn about you and remember who you are. Recruiters sometimes do not consider the resume as part of their corporate policy. If this happens, ask if you can use their website to apply your resume. It would also be helpful to ask how you can highlight your resume now that you rely solely on your resume to catch the attention of the recruiter.

Ask Questions:

Here are some useful ways to start a conversation:

Strong Questions:

Which areas are currently (or will be) opening up? 

How can I send you a CV? 

What skills does your enterprise value the most? 

Which is the best way to apply to your industry?

Weak Questions:

What is your starting wage?

What does your organization do?  

Can I work from home?

Top 5 tips for personal questions to ask the interviewer

1. Do you have any concerns about my ability to perform in the job? (if they answer yes, x, y, and z, you then have the opportunity to respond)

2. How can the new hire applicant add value to the company?

3. What does good look like for the successful candidate for this role?

4. What would you require a successful candidate to achieve in the initial days?

5. Which team would I be working in if I did succeed in getting the role?

Top 5 tips for questions about the company to ask the interviewer

1. What main challenges is the company facing at the moment?

2. What is the strategy for growth in (x) products are or (y) geographical area?

3. What is the companies’ social media strategy for engaging with customers?

4. How would you describe the workplace culture here?

5. Why do people usually leave the company?

Our job interview tips are mainly common sense but spend some time thinking about what you shouldn’t do in an interview but concentrate more time on what you should do in a job interview.