Don’t Like The Present job

Don’t Like The Present job | PrepIntro

Started a new job, but could not adapt to anything. What to do?

It is our nature that we cannot easily accept change, but our work environment is changing every day, development is possible only if we can adapt to change and move forward.
It can take a while to learn new things, mix with colleagues, or understand how a business works. But once you ask yourself, do you really have a problem adapting to a new company, or do you just not like your new job?

Find out where the problem is:

Think first about which area your problem is actually

  • New people ?
  • Company culture ?
  • Or is that process working ?

When looking for problems and solutions, keep in mind how much this new job will benefit you in the future.
Are you learning something new? The work process or technology may be a little complicated, but once learned, will it work as a good skill for you in the future?

Talk to the employer or supervisor:

If you do not find the solution yourself, set up an informal meeting with the supervisor. Highlight your problems as points. Talk about what would be the best solution for you and your employer.

Before you think about quitting your job

It is easier to find a job than to be unemployed. If you can’t adapt to anything, leave your current job with a new letter of appointment. If the relationship at the previous company is good, try talking to them. Many companies want to retake the previous employees. But whatever you do, don’t go into any job just to quit your current job. We always think the fault lies with the company, there is always something for improvement. It may take a while for you to adjust to the new company, or the job may not be for you, whatever you do, always make a hasty decision without making a hasty decision.