TCS Ninja 2023 Interview Questions For CSE AND IT Student

What should be your Job Referral Strategy?

TCS Ninja Interview Questions for CSE Students 2023:

TCS Ninja Technical Round Interview Questions :

  • Difference between truncate and delete
  • Triggers in MYSQL
  • Basic logic of prime no, rev string, and palindrome
  • Asked about College/Internship Project
  • MYSQL Queries
  • Asked to predict the output of few C++ programs
  • Asked the difference between void static and public
  • Asked about Stored procedure in the project and 3 more questions on stored procedure.
  • Group by, different types of joins
  • Drop delete truncate

TCS Ninja Management Round Interview Questions:

  1. Greatest challenge in your life
  2. Where do u see yourself after 5 years
  3. What did u do in quarantine?
  4. How do I manage exams and internals during quarantine?
  5. Any recent or any past challenges that occurred in life.

TCS Ninja HR Interview Questions

  1. Goals
  2. What is success for you?
  3. Relocation and Shifts
  4. If I had backlogs or any other offers.
  5.  Asked about my interpersonal skills (from CV)


TCS Ninja Interview Questions For IT Students:

TCS Ninja Technical Round Interview Questions

  • Mentioned data structures and SQL
  • Linear and non-linear
  • What is a binary tree and what is the need for it?
  • Why do we need BST?
  • Explain all traversals
  • Given a tree and told to write down all traversals
  • MYSQL Queries
  • What are the view and materialized views?
  • Can we do indexing on views?
  • How would you tune a SQL query?
  • How to create a trigger?
  • Difference between function and procedure
  • Group by and where clause