What should be your Job Referral Strategy?

What should be your Job Referral Strategy?

Do you have any open positions at the “YOURS/ABC” Firm?

Can you share my resume and cover letter with Hiring Manager?

Can you inbox me current open positions at my email?

When you write such notes, you’re entrusting your career choice to someone else.

Your cv or LinkedIn profile can only convey your achievements. It doesn’t tell about your career aspirations and plans. As a job seeker, You should be in control of your career.

You should decide your next career move, not allow others to decide.
You can approach career guidance but do your homework in preparation for specific questions to ask.

Do you want a better approach? Follow straightforward steps:

1) Visit the company’s careers page and search for a role according to your skill and location preference.
2) Prepare a customized resume and cover letter (as per job description).

If you complete both steps, it reflects:
1) You have clarity of your career aspirations.
2) It makes another person easy to refer you in the shortest time.

If you’re looking to boost referrals, start to implement this approach.